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“I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by Architecture”

Minimalist architect, Tadao Ando reminds us about the beauty in simplicity. Inspired greatly by his Japanese culture, Ando strives to create spaces that invoke physical experiences and sensations. He believes that a good building has the power to change the city and reform society. The importance of using light to create depth and to design spaces that connect with nature can help its user feel spiritually empowered. His buildings are often associated with terms like “Zen” and are said to create the “Haiku Effect,” which highlights his style of architecture.

 Laurie Baker

“Cost-effective houses are not just for the poor;they are for everyone”

Laurie Baker’s philosophy of designing while being responsible and prudent with our resources and imbibing the characteristics of its surrounding is of immense importance at a time when architecture is losing its cultural uniqueness and its natural resources. His belief that the building derives its personality from its user reflects the philosophies of F.L Wright. Baker’s designs display maximum efficiency, individuality and cost-efficiency all due to the use of indigenous materials and craftsmen. His philosophy that stresses the use of ‘common sense’ reminds us that we must avoid extravagance and the ‘excess’ to become a responsible architect.

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